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Tanmayo Nicole Brown

Tanmayo has been on the path of yoga since the seventies when she studied Sanscrit and dance in Paris. Initiated by Osho in 1976,  she continued on the path of meditation and self realization  and was blessed with  guidance and empowerment from other spiritual teachers such as Goenka (vipassana1978,India), Tony Robbins (Fire Walk,  Beverly Hills 1984),  Patthabi Jois (Yoga Intensive Maui 1987), Amma (Hug,Maui1991), Gangaji(Satsang Maui 1995), Amma & Bhagwan (Deeksha-giver training 2008,) Prem Baba (Ceremonies Maui 2011-2016.)

In 1995, She was informally initiated into the Dolphin Pod by Joan Ocean (The Dolphin Connection) in the deep waters of the very same Sacred Hawaiian Portal where she has been guided to hold retreats since 1996.

At the time, she was visiting her Hawaiian massage teacher Auntie Margaret after becoming a massage therapist on Maui where she raised a family and developed a heavenly food forest and permaculture center.


Since then, she has joined a performing Hula Halau and has become a prominent lomilomi teacher herself.


By now, Tanmayo has led over 50 retreats with the dolphins in the wild and has had 100% success bringing humans and dolphins in close contact with utmost respect and sensitivity,  inviting them to approach people by creating a resonant field, rather than chasing them.


Many participants reported spontaneous healing on many levels after the retreats. Tanmayo herself felt that the encounter changed her forever and took her yoga practice to a more fluid, compassionate and integrated place.


"Dolphins are conscious breathers.  Like yogis, they are in touch with higher realms of consciousness (Pranayama or breath control comes easily to anyone who free dive). Dolphins have mastered telepathy and group cohesion. They have a lot to teach us about Selflessness, Love, and Joy, which are all Divine Attributes "  



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