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Big island, Hawaii.



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Our upcoming Dolphin Yoga Retreat

will be in the sunniest location on the

Big Island, Hawaii


Aug 24-29 2023 and Jan 21-26, 2024


Join us for the unique journey of a lifetime in this powerful energy vortex where dolphins regularly come and play. Our magnificent Ocean front villa allows for continuous dolphin viewing.  Come and receive renewed inspiration as we practice yoga, explore sound healing, movement meditation, enjoy gourmet, organic, vegetarian cuisine, and respectfully observe the wild spinner dolphin among many other ocean creatures as we go snorkeling and kayaking daily right from the house.  ***


Scroll to discover the bliss that awaits you... 


Our pods are the ultimate healers and stars of the bay.

They are enlightening, heart-opening and playful.  

They will connect with the deepest levels of your soul.

Moments of eternity await you when you connect with them in the transformative experience of our retreat.


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Daily Yoga classes by world-renowned instructor Tanmayo Nicole Brown,

the creator of Dolphin Yoga, a balanced Ashtangha inspired restorative vinyasa flow.  All levels ,ages and stages of life can benefit and are warmly  welcome.This ancient practice will 

revitalize your body and spirit and help you gain gain balance, flexibility, inner peace and clarity of mind






A magical oceanfront retreat, a hot tub with views of the bay,  the sunsets, dolphins.


Snorkle around corals and swim with turtles after your morning yoga (or anytime you want, really.)


3 organic fresh cooked meals.

Large vegan selection.



Come join us!

Pay: $1880 Mermaid Mansion $2240 for Garden or Double Master Rooms
or $4040 for Master Bedroom


- Deluxe, furnished room (double occupancy)

- Dolphin outings

- 3 meals per day, organic with a wide variety of vegan options

- Kayaking and snorkeling

- Yoga classes

- Tours to other places

- A shuttle from/to airport

*** We love and respect the dolphins in their natural habitat and view them from a safe distance of at least 50 yards ***


Aug 24th- 29th 2023 and Jan 21st-26th 2024

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